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Giuseppe Sciortino

About me 

I am a detail-oriented, result-driven professional who specializes in offering business consulting services spanning a range of service areas.

From 1995 to 2009 I was founder and partner of VCO Informatica srl a small IT company operating in North of Italy, where I managed more than 10 different projects: from analysis of customer needs to prototyping, development and delivering at customer site.
In 2004 I supported Electron Microscopy group at Biological Research Centre in Madrid (Spain), a research university group,  where I managed the digital communication through the development of  the group Website. In late 2004 I moved in Athens (GA, USA) where I was responsible for the project GNNet, a Machine Learning system based on neural network application for pattern recognition of data coming from magnetic resonance instruments.
At the end of 2005 I started a collaboration with the Università degli Studi of Milan supporting different research groups on the software development and IT management.
In 2009 I joint  a medical device start-up company based in Minneapolis (MN, USA), offering an innovative neuromodulation product for heart failure and hypertension. I started in the role of Technical Sales Specialist managing the introduction of this new therapy in the Italian market. In 2011 the company started two clinical studies in Europe and I was appointed as Field Clinical Engineer. In 2013 my responsibility increased to Field Customer support for Europe, Middle Est and South Africa.
During these years I supported the creation of a team capable to handle different projects and activities (in the field of pre-marketing, marketing and sales) across different countries. In 2014 I obtained a professional award in “Train the trainer” form the College of Public Speaking in London (UK) and since then I was responsible of Sales Training program for the European Sales Force in CVRx Inc.
Taking advantages of my IT background together with marketing and sale experience, in 2017 I took the responsibility of defining company’s digital strategy and leading digital marketing activities for Europe.
Since the end of 2015 I was appointed to the role of Business Manager for Central Europe. I was able to introduce the innovative therapy in difficult markets.

Quickly, I began to learn about others areas of work that were related to my core expertise and began figuring out ways to improve each by enhancing the other. Things, as they say, led to things, and I started off my consulting career by consulting for the very organization where I worked as full-time employee. After that, there was no stopping.

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