Silvia Mari

The origin and growth of R4R comes from a personal experience between a small biotech company of the Milan area and a research group within San Raffaele Scientific Institute were I was working. This collaboration has lasted 3 years and brought important achievements both from the company perspective – results presented over years at the Advisory Board and related investment’ successes- and from the public research group – 3 salaries paid, several scientific publications and a founded project by the Italian Association for Cancer Research.

This positive experience generated the thought that collaboration between industry and academic research could positively exist. Moreover, if this collaboration is successfully managed it could bring important and fruitful results for both sides. This thought has been consolidated during these last years, particularly in the case of Italian recession of Pharmaceutical sector. From one hand industries have shown to cut off more and more also in the R&D departments; on the other hand academic groups, which have been founded in the past to get the state of the art of equipments, now have to face how to maintain these expensive technologies. Hence the possibility to create, or facilitate, a bridge between companies and research centers allows industry to get access to the excellence of the research, and it give the opportunity to research centers to keep their personnel and instrumentations.

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